Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions. Please look through the list if you have any doubt. They are broken down into 3 sections: General, for Project Owners, and for Experts.


TechExpert is a one-stop technology expert matching platform created for the industry to engage experts from different industry sectors for their innovation projects. It is a new service that complements IPI's online marketplace.

TechExpert brings project owners and experts together under one common platform. Project owners are able to search for relevant experts beyond their own network to solve their innovation challenges. The system will recommend experts to project owners based on the areas of expertise required. Also experts will be notified of projects in their areas of expertise. Experts will be able to search for a project or be notified when there is a new one requiring their areas of expertise. Project owners and experts can directly connect to each other to explore collaboration opportunities.

TechExpert is available to technology adopters such as start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, institutes of higher learning and government agencies. Commercial service providers (not product owners) and academics who have engaged in industry projects are also welcome.

The sectors that are supported include:
» Chemicals
» Electronics
» Energy
» Environment
» Food
» Healthcare
» Infocomm
» Life Sciences
» Logistics
» Manufacturing
» Materials
» Personal Care
» Waste Management

Within these sectors, the areas of expertise include:
» Product Design & Development
» Prototype Build
» Test & Verification/Clinical Trials
» Process/Industrial Engineering
» Certification/Regulatory Compliance

Projects on TechExpert typically involve the search of expertise to solve innovation and technical challenges that are encountered in various stages of your product development and manufacturing processes.

A qualifying expert will have the technical know-how of their respective areas of expertise as well as experience in industry projects. Hence having a strong portfolio of past projects will be helpful in seeing your expert status approved.

For Project Owners

You will be able to search for relevant experts beyond your own network to solve innovation and technical challenges; seek expert opinion on various topics - from advice on technical and commercial potential of new technologies to helping build in-house capabilities. You can connect to qualified experts from verified entities and leverage their knowledge and expertise. You may post your problem statement and crowdsource for the right experts.

After becoming a member and logging in, go to "Projects" and select "Add New Project". Then, enter the necessary project information, description of your challenges and the areas of expertise required.

This is to help ensure consistency and compliance with the terms and conditions laid out for all users of this portal.

Once your project is approved, you can browse expert profiles and be notified when there are new experts that fall within the same sectors as your project. If you see a profile that you think is suitable for your project, you can send a message to the expert through the portal to enquire and initiate a discussion.

For a start, there is no payment required for you to post your projects. In future, you may be required to be a subscribing member of IPI in order to enjoy this service.

Our experts are mainly from Singapore in this pilot version. We look forward to expanding the pool of experts from overseas.

IPI will at its best effort endeavour to screen the experts based on available information. We will leave the project owners to make their independent assessment and conduct their own due diligence before engaging the experts.

If you are unable to find an expert who is able to address your problem, please contact IPI via this email

You may sign up as an expert if you have the relevant expertise. However, IPI will still need to evaluate your application based on your experience and project portfolio before you are approved.

For Experts

IPI has a set of qualification criteria to approve your expert status. The criteria includes level of technical expertise and past project experience, among others.

After becoming a member and logging in, go to "Experts" and select "Become an Expert". Then, fill up a short form to share more about yourself and your areas of expertise. You will also need to add at least one project portfolio.

Your portfolio will help us evaluate your experience, and also for members to evaluate your past success in resolving similar problems.

If you think you can assist in a particular project, you can send an Expression of Interest through the portal. The project owner will get in touch with you should they be interested to discuss and explore further.

The remuneration of the expert's services and effort by the project owner will be left to both parties to negotiate and decide. IPI will not take part in this process.

There is a function that will capture feedback from project owners upon completion of a project.

As an expert, you may also encounter innovation and technical challenges in other areas. If you have a problem statement, perhaps in another sector, you may also post your projects.


TechPass is a new common login feature to provide members seamless access across all IPI open innovation digital platforms using the same credentials.

If you have a techExpert account, your account has automatically been converted to TechPass. Sign In with your TechExpert Email and Password.

You can use TechPass to log in to the IPI Portal to post technology offers or needs and submit enquiries without having to fill in your personal particulars. In future, you may login to other IPI portals, for example, Gov-PACT and TechInnovation with TechPass.

You may change your password at the main IPI Website. If you cannot remember your password, use the Forget Password link to change your password.