Seeking Expertise in Drying Processes for 3D Printed Tablets

Project Description

The company has developed a 3D printing platform specializing in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Using their platform, multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) can be 3D printed within the same tablet, each with its own release profile. Removal of water-based solvents, or drying, is a critical step in their post fabrication process of 3D printed tablets, in order to achieve tablets with sufficient mechanical strength for daily handling and consistent shape.

The company is seeking experts to advise on removing the water-based solvents quickly within 5 to 10 minutes, without a rise in temperature or pressure to the printed tablets, while achieving uniform drying to the 3D printed tablets. Moreover, the process should not deform nor affect the physical and chemical properties of the tablets.

  • Expertise Required
    • Chemicals
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
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