Seeking Expertise for the Development of Lithium-ion Supercapacitors

Project Description

The client provides renewable energy sources to areas with limited access to electricity. They are interested to develop a new energy storage device to complement their business offerings.

They have acquired a battery-supercapacitor hybrid technology comprising of a high capacity battery type electrode and a high-rate capacitive electrode. This configuration enables the supercapacitor to possess a high-energy density at a high-power density without comprising discharge rate and charge/discharge lifecycle.

The client is seeking experts to develop a scalable size prototype to validate and further optimize the performance of the lithium-ion supercapacitor. The expert should possess the following:

- Experienced in battery and supercapacitor material design
- Possess the necessary laboratory equipment and facilities to fabricate and validate the performance of the supercapacitor prototype
- Possess capabilities in manufacturing the lithium-ion supercapacitor

  • Expertise Required
    • Energy
    • Materials
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