Seeking Expertise in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry to Supply Desk-based Services

Project Description

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to look for scientific support services to assist in understanding of the chemistry of the materials that their client considers using in its products/consumables, and how they may react under the influence of heat or other interactions.

The company requires proven competent scientific support, with expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry, to supply desk-based activities on an ad-hoc basis. Scientific support includes the ability to review chemistry covering material form and potential interactions between materials or other elements such as liquids, function and reactivity, from available literature and first principles.

- Provide analytical chemistry expertise and decision support for materials that could be used by the company, and in eventual products for human contact/exposure to
- Demonstrable experience (either individually or from an organisation) and a deep understanding of the appropriate chemistry. Experience in medical devices, personal care or cosmetics could be an advantage
- Deliver answers obtained from information databases and other reference materials in a pre-determined format (including citations) for subsequent review and assessment by the company
- Not required to have wet chemistry or laboratory-based analytical services
- Perform evaluations rapidly (1-2 weeks) from request

  • Expertise Required
    • Chemicals
    • Materials
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