Seeking Software Developer for Image Processing App Development

Project Description

Our company is seeking a software developer to co-develop a mobile app in the application of immunochromatographic technology. The app is used to measure the intensity of the reaction on a detection device via colour analysis and comparison. The app will operate over multiple devices, platforms, or operating systems, i.e. smartphone, tablet, Android, iOS, etc. This app will be equipment-free, i.e. it does not require any additional equipment, dongle, or accessories to be connected to the detection device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) or to work in conjunction with the device. The existing in-built sensors of the device will be used for the detection and reading.

Technical Specifications:
- Image processing to read results
- Objects recognition to differentiate different products
- Database communication with server to match individual result with end user
- Online portal and interface for different users

Preferred Business Model:
- R&D Collaboration
- Business Collaboration

  • Expertise Required
    • Infocomm
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