Seeking Expertise in Product Design with CAD for a Mechanical Device

Project Description

Manipulating buttons and hooks, bending to put on pants or pulling a t-shirt over the head; Dressing is a complex mechanism that involves a certain degree of psycho-motor skills. People with limited mobility or loss of function in their limbs, such as stroke survivors, face difficulties in dressing themselves in normal clothes.

The project team is developing a prototype based on a patented technology that converts normal clothes into adaptive clothes through the simultaneous cutting and attaching of Velcro onto all kinds of clothes, instantly replacing hooks and buttons with Velcro. Their vision is to cater to individual needs by allowing custom modification of clothes, empowering people to make their personal choices and establish their identity through their favourite clothing.

The team is currently looking for a product designer / mechanical engineer who is experienced in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and proficient with any CAD modelling software (SolidWorks is preferred, AutoCAD, etc.). It will be a bonus if the candidate has experience in developing products for commercialisation. Based on the team's existing concept and design, the expert will be expected to add features, optimise the existing device and suggest ways to make the device more user-friendly, taking it from the MVP stage to a fully finished usable device.

  • Expertise Required
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Materials
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