Seeking Expertise for Precision Machining of Ceramic Components

Project Description

Due to their excellent hardness and strength, precision machining of fine ceramic components to the required dimensions is a challenge and the ability to do so is a valued capability in the industry.

The company is seeking experts and consultants with deep hands-on experience and knowledge to help develop fine and precise ceramic machining, and machined ceramic component cleaning capabilities.

The client is currently seeking to develop capabilities pertaining to 2 distinct and separate problem statements:

1. Precision machining of certain ceramic components: Dimension specifications of up to: +/- 0.002, //0.002, Flat 0.001
2. Cleaning of machined ceramic components

The party(s) will have work closely together with the client to co-develop and establish the various process specifications, parameters and SOPs, to transfer the necessary know-hows and advise or consult on the establishment of the necessary machinery and tools to solve the 2 distinct problems, necessary for the client's intended application.

One or more expert/consultant/company/research institutes may be identified to work on one, two or all of the above distinct problem statements.

For more technical details on the requirements, please send in your enquiry.

  • Expertise Required
    • Manufacturing
    • Materials
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