Seeking Expertise in Design and Manufacture of Highly Customised Plastic Moulds via Additive Manufacturing

Project Description

We are seeking expert(s) experienced in design and manufacture, and materials selection for the development of moulds via additive manufacturing. These moulds should be highly customised and will be used in contact with sensitive human skin. The moulds can be manufactured either one at a time, or potentially together, over a defined treatment period.

The key objective of this project is to develop a functional mould with the following properties:
1. Conversion from scanned image to 3D CAD file
2. Allow virtual modification of mould from 3D CAD file
3. Material that is hard enough to enable moulding into specified shape but with a degree of flexibility so as to prevent excess pressure on skin
4. Designed to be clasp-able or open/closed around intended area to be moulded
5. Designed to incorporate intricate designs

  • Expertise Required
    • Manufacturing
    • Materials
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